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May 15, 2008

Britney Spears with Mel Gibon in Costa Rica to help save Mono Titi? Is Angelina Jolie Involved? Larry King inspects Donald Trump’s Hair Piece. Jerry Seinfeld Rips into Larry King. WOW!!!!

Britney Spears Mel Gibson Mono TitiBritney Spears is joining forces with Mel Gibson on his 400 acre property in Costa Rica in an effort to come up with a plan to save the endangered Mono Titi squirrel monkeys of Costa Rica.  We are happy with their efforts to save the Mono Titi from extinction. Donald Trump has not lifted a finger to help.  We are also wondering if Angelina Jolie plans to join forces with Mel and Britney . Gibson and Spears were spotted together in March at the Romanov Russian Restaurant and Lounge in Studio City California where they discussed the plight of the endangered Angelina Jolie Saving Mono TitiMono Titi and the work of the Eco Preservation Society. Angelina was not invited because of her poor table manners.

Gibson, who will be hosting the Spears along with his wife Robin for an Eco Interactive Costa Rica Vacation. Eric, the greatest real estate agent in the world, would like to come too. We are told that he is waiting by the phone for a call and we are still waiting for Donald Trump to resurface.

Eric is raffling off a $5000 web site to help save the Mono Titi. You would think that Mel and Britney could do something to help out since they are already in Costa Rica. Donald Trump Larry King Saving Mono Titi

Larry King tells us, “Yeah, I checked out Donald’s hair piece, it is nice. If I was bald I would get one just like it.” Way to go Donald. It is always best to come clean.

Jerry Seinfelt Rips into Larry King


May 7, 2008

Angelina and Eric Saving Mono Titi: Shocking Photos of the two together uncovered. Brad Pitt on suiside watch, joins forces with Donald Trump.

Angelina JolieShocking photographs have been uncovered linking Angelina and Eric, the greatest Real Estate agent in the world. Speculation has it that the couple is joining forces on the Saving Mono Titi Project. Angelina Jolie Brad PittWe have Brad Pitt on a suicide watch. There is speculation that he will join forces with Donald Trump in an attempt to squash Eric’s efforts at saving the Mono Titi. Trump says he doesn’t think Jolie is all that hot any way. He thinks Pitt made a “huge mistake” leaving Jennifer. We were told Trump said, “Jennifer is hot, I don’t know what Pitt was thinking. Brad Pitt is a good guy, but I just don’t see it, I really don’t. I know good looking women, I own the Miss America Contest, so I should know, and Jolie is just not that hot.”Trump and Jolie


Mono Titi is an endangered squirrel monkey in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica. Eco Preservation Society is heading up the Saving Mono Titi Project. Angelina Trump Pitt Saving Mono TitiEric is raffling off a $5000 web site to help save Mono Titi. Donald Trump has not contributed a dime. Come on Donald, don’t be cheap.

They Are Cute,

They Are Endangered,

Donate NOW! Thank YOU!

May 5, 2008

Oprah Winfrey said to invite Eric to her show to talk about endangered Mono Titi and to talk about $5000 Web Site Raffle. Donald Trump fumes. Rosie in hiding.

Oprah WinfreyWe were told today by a reliable source that Oprah Winfrey has invited Eric, the greatest real estate agent in the world to her show, to talk about the endangered Mono Titi monkeys in Costa Rica. Eric is also talking about the $5000 web site that he is raffling off.Oprah Winfrey Saving Mono Titi

There is no word if Oprah plans to donate a million dollars to the Saving Mono Titi Project. We will make sure to let you know if we hear something. Perhaps she should consider a Carbon Neutral Costa Rica Vacation by Eco Interactive.

In related news, it is said that Donald Trump is still fumes over his loss to Eric, the greatest real estate agent on earth. Donald Trump Mono TitiWe are still waiting the here if Donald is going to do anything to help save Mono Titi. Come on Donald, don’t be a sore looser. We know that you are a bigger man than that. Why not step forward and help out some monkeys why don’t you?Donald Trump Oprah Winfrey Saving Mono Titi

We just can not get enough to Rosie O’Donnell and Donald Trump, so for probably not the last time, here for your viewing pleasure is Donald and Rosie doing their thing. I don’ think these two will be going on a Costa Rica Vacation together any time soon. I sure hope you don’t intend to treat Eric that way.

May 4, 2008

Dali Lama Praises Eric’s Efforts to Save Mono Titi, Eric announces that he is boycotting the China Olympics.

Dali Lama The Dali Lama announced today that he is giving his full support to Eric, the greatest real estate agent in the world, in his efforts to save the endangered Mono Titi monkeys in Costa Rica. It is rumored that the Dali Lama also wants to buy a house from Eric.Great Wall of China

The Dali Lama was recently accused by China of wanting to hurt the Olympics. However a spokesman says that the Dali Lama has more important causes, like the Saving Mono Titi Project. Eric today announced that he too would be boycotting the Olympics in China.

The Dali Lama was also encouraged all real estate agents to enter the raffle for the $5000 Web Services package from Real Estate Webmasters. The Dali Lama said, “Wow, what a deal, I wish I was a real estate agent”

China Olympics

May 2, 2008

Donald Trump Bitter in Defeat, Urges Support of Mono Titi

Donald TrumpWord has it that Donald Trump is taking his loss to Eric (the greatest real estate agent in the world) very hard. We were told that he has fallen into a deep depression and has not come out of his room since the announcement.

A spokesman from the Trump Organization was magnanimous in praising Eric’s efforts to save the Mono Titi monkeys in Costa Rica.

“The last few days have been difficult for Mr. Trump, but he now realizes that he lost to the better man. Mr. Trump urges your support for Eric’s efforts to save the Mono Titi and the Saving Mono Titi Project. Enter early and often for your chance to win a $5000 web site from”

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Win a free $5000 web siteEric, the Greatest Real Estate Agent in the World is raffling off a $5000 Real Estate Web Masters web site.  That are just 30 days to go, so enter now!

Eric is raffeling off the prize for the Greatest Real Estate Agent in the World

Uncle SamHey Real Estate Agents – it is not too late. You can still win the prize in the Greatest Real Estate Agent in the World contest!


and you can help us save the Mono Titi squirrel monkeys in Costa Rica.

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May 1, 2008

World Leaders Pay Homage to Eric, the Greatest Real Estate Agent in the World

New YorkLeaders from around the world are flocking to visit Eric, the greatest Real Estate Agent in the World! President George Bush placed a call to Eric congratulating him on his victory. It is thought that Eric, in a gesture of reconciliation, invited the Bush family to next years Christmas party.

Donald TrumpMeanwhile celebrations erupted across the globe. Partygoers in Paris were chanting Eric’s name in the streets. In China, there was a moment of silence to pay respect for Eric’s accomplishments. Not everyone is happy however. It is thought that Donald Trump is not taking the bitter defeat well.

April 30, 2008

Donald Trump Squashed By Eric Blackwell’s team in a last minute effort to win the Greatest Real Estate Agent in the World Contest

Donald TrumpIt was reported today by source close to Donald Trump that he considered a last minute entry into the Great Real Estate Agent in the World Contest. After analyzing his options he realized that the Blackwell juggernaut was just too much to take. As we all know “The Donald” (no relation to the Duck) is not a gracious looser. Rumors have it that he plans to take out his revenge in the very near future. Best of luck Eric. We like your chances, even against Donald Trump and his army of hot blonds in mini-skirts.

Warren Buffet calls President George Bush, calls for the support of Eric and his Efforts to Save Mono Titi

Warrren BuffetIt has been reported that billionaire Warren Buffet put in a call to President George Bush and suggested that Eric be named the greatest real estate agent in the world and the Saving Mono Titi Conservation Project. With less than 11 hours remaining in the contest, Eric and his team are #1. It was earlier rumored that President Bush would intervene on behalf of one of the other competitors. It is said that President Bush is miffed with Eric because Eric did not send him an invitation to his last years Christmas Party.George Bush

Warren Buffet is a huge fan of Eric and has pledged his total support. It is thought that Warren Buffet will be attending Eric’s Christmas Party this year. Way to go Eric. Keep up the good work. Lets Save Mono Titi from extinction.

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